Environmental Policy

OptiSense Limited recognises its responsibility to protect the environment, both locally and globally. This policy is a statement of the company’s intent to minimise any adverse effect on the environment of its operations.

Legislation and Regulations

OptiSense will comply with all applicable current and future environmental legislation and regulations. It will also adopt customer policies, as necessary, that impose levels of environmental performance beyond these requirements.

Power Consumption
OptiSense will minimise its power requirements through efficient use of energy and by adopting best available energy saving methods.

Water Usage
OptiSense will minimise its use of the water supply.

OptiSense will aim to minimise the effect of the company’s activities on air quality directly and indirectly through responsible movement of persons and goods. It will also keep to a minimum noise levels caused by use of tools and machinery.

Waste Generation and Reuse
OptiSense will minimise the amount of waste created from excessive procurement and inefficient use of materials. The company will aim to utilise parts and materials that become surplus to their intended requirement.

Waste Disposal and Recycling
OptiSense will dispose of all waste correctly and responsibly with the aim of recycling as much as possible. OptiSense will offer to dispose of, or recycle, all products manufactured by the company on behalf of customers that no longer require them.

Continual Improvement
OptiSense will aim to reduce its impact on the environment through a programme of continual monitoring of its performance. This policy will be reviewed annually and modified as appropriate to ensure that it remains fit-for-purpose.

Employee and Customer Awareness
OptiSense will ensure that all employees are aware of the company’s environmental policy and will promote high environmental standards. Competence training will be imposed where necessary. The environmental policy will be made available to all staff and will be displayed on the company’s web site.